currently reading:
♦ harry potter and the order of the phoenix (45%)
♦ clear light of day (60%)
♦ the bluest eye (100%)
currently watching:
♦ the lizzie bennet diaries (40%)
♦ game of thrones (5%)
♦ downton abbey (10%)
♦ parks and recreation (10%)
here's a bit more about me for you nosy visitors:
+ I am a slytherin: and i'm very proud of it
+ i am into languages: i speak english, russian and french
+ i want to become a writer and i'm currently working on two stories (at a time!!!1 #yolo)
+ i want to study in scotland or canada (snow is life)
+ my boyfriend is the best
additionally, i am a metamorphmagus witch at hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizzardry. 7th year and head girl. (not surprising)
I travel in TARDIS and return to the land of elves with Legolas on weekends.
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The pink stars are f a l l i n g.

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under the dome + text posts

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"Why Chester's Mill? Why us?"
"Maybe we're being punished."

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I thought the dome was supposed to protect us. No, it’s up to us to protect each other.

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If you want the darkness to abate,
You must earn the light.

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"You don't break the dome, the dome breaks you."
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T H E  G U A R D I A N S

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